Open Space/City Swarming

Cooperation workshop/ interaction in open space. PANGEA KunstFabrik Intensiv meets L-INKED in Open Spaces/City Swarming by Jaskaran Anand

L-INKED in Open Spaces /City Swarming Linz is a part of the trans-cultural social project L-INKED, with and by Jaskaran Anand.

Management: Carla Zamora

Mediation Consultancy: Karin Schneider

Concept, direction, production, choreography, interaction leader: Jaskaran Anand

Live- Regie: Stefan Fuchs

Musician and Composer: NoizeGuerilla (Richard Geiblinger)

movement assistance : Marce Lopez

delivered by

L-INKED (2021-2022) is a co-production by Jaskaran Anand, trivium – Verein zur Förderung und Erforschung der kulturellen Intersektionalität des Menschlichen Körpers & brut Wien/imagetanz. The project is supported by Lange Nacht der Bühnen Linz, RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz & Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik OÖ. With kind support of Linz Stadt Kultur, Frauenbüro der Stadt Linz, Zeit Kultur OÖ, und BMKOES- Frisch Luft (L-INKED in Open Spaces).

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Lorant Masher & Midl

Games & Music check it out

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Franjazzco @

Hier haben wir ein echtes OLDschoolSet von Franzjazzco

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During the lockdown Stefan Fuchs’s 40th birthday accured and what better way then to celebrate with a 9 hour livestream. Together with Jaskaran Anand we organized this evening in the tabacco factory. Featuring a wide variety of Musicians, DJs and Performers.

Here you find all videos as a playlist

  • Part 1Intro Maluco Fatima Emilia1:54:00
  • Part2Jaskaran Anand Whyz Nana2:28:60
  • Part 3Thizzla Why Z2:35:53
  • Part 4Nana1:29:49

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